Shenzhen Jinjue Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in August 2016. Before that, it was a professional supplier of precision electronic stamping dies, and later transformed into a professional ODM/OEM manufacturer dedicated to precision electronic hardware stamping. Jinjue is mainly engaged in and provides solutions for precision stamping parts for mobile phones and 5G communications; various types of radiator fin/heat sink stamping parts; high-voltage terminal stamping parts, etc. The mobile phone and 5G communication stamping parts produced by Jinjue include shielding cover, backlight, antenna shrapnel, mobile phone midplane, mobile phone camera decoration steel sheet, and mobile phone card holder steel sheet.

Jinjue implements the quality system ISO9001:2015, and continues to promote 6S management activities in the factory to provide customers with continuous high-quality products and services. As of January 2019, there are 6 high-precision presses (imported from Japan and Taiwan), with more than 30 employees and more than 10 professional and technical personnel; among them, 3 senior engineers with more than 10 years of design and R&D capabilities and rich experience in manufacturing molds There are 8 intermediate engineers, 6 engineers and technicians with professional mold maintenance skills.

The Jinjue team has many years of actual production experience accumulated in the precision stamping industry. It overcomes difficulties and is good at technically overcoming high-precision and difficult-to-complex hardware. The thickness of continuous stamping materials can reach 0.05-3.0MM, and the dimensional accuracy of product blanking can reach ±0.01MM. Actively participate in the preliminary design of precision metal stamping parts for customers' products to ensure that the development cycle of new products is shortened and the cost of mass production products is optimized. Especially with its own mold room and a team that manufactures precision stamping molds, Jinjue can provide a one-stop solution from design, mold opening, production, post-processing, and assembly/packaging. It can implement in-mold automatic tapping and molds. Technical requirements such as internal automatic riveting have saved customers a lot of time and cost.

The product materials used by Jinjue include but are not limited to beryllium copper (heat treatment required), titanium copper, phosphor bronze, stainless steel, spring steel, etc.; surface treatments that can be provided include but are not limited to gold plating, silver plating, nickel plating, tin plating, Ultrasonic cleaning of oil stains, etc.; packaging services that can be provided include but are not limited to tape and roll packaging, carrier tape packaging, blister box packaging, and so on.

Jinjue is committed to becoming the world's most professional supplier of electronic precision stamping parts, and it is our responsibility to assist customers in enhancing their competitiveness. We look forward to your consultation and cooperation!

Mobile phone 5G

Jinjue is mainly engaged in the production of precision stamping parts for mobile phones and 5G communications, and specializes in providing solutions for precision stamping parts such as shielding covers, antenna shrapnels, mobile phone plates, mobile phone camera decorative parts steel sheets and mobile phone card holder steel sheets.

The shielding cover is mainly used in mobile phones, GPS and other fields to prevent electromagnetic interference (EMI) and shield the components and LCM on the PCB. The flatness of the shielding cover and backlight produced by Jinjue is strictly controlled within the tolerance range of 0.05mm to ensure its easy tinning performance and good shielding effect. We can provide stretch forming and one piece according to customer requirements and drawings. Two-piece solution with frame and frame + cover. Especially for the frame + cover two-piece shield, the SMT pick-up point of the frame part produced by Jinjue can be made into a separate type and embedded on the frame part, which is convenient for the later maintenance of the chips and electronic components inside. According to customer requirements, the materials used by Jinsheng are tin-plated steel, nickel silver, stainless steel, etc.; the available packaging methods with flat surface requirements on the bottom of the frame parts include carrier tape packaging, blister tray packaging, and the cover can be PE Bulk packaging.

The middle plate of the mobile phone, the steel sheet of the decorative parts of the camera and the steel sheet of the card tray are mainly the stamping parts of the assembly structure inside the mobile phone, which play the role of fixing and supporting the main board, the camera and the SIM card. Jinjue’s mobile phone mid-plates, camera decoration steel sheets, and cato steel sheets are mainly made of stainless steel and are designed and produced according to customers' concepts and requirements. At present, the existing mobile phone midplanes generally have the shortcomings of being extremely flexible and prone to degumming after being encapsulated. The medium plate designed and manufactured by Jinjue meets the requirements of various precision and strength. There are several buckles on the periphery of the metal plate body. The buckles are formed by bending a circular boss to the same side. After gluing, the plastic accommodates the groove or flange in it to avoid degumming. The decorative steel sheet of the camera can be continuously stamped and pneumatically cut according to the required quantity of the material strip, which is convenient for customers to achieve the requirements of continuous injection molding of inserts and so on. Cato steel sheet can also be pneumatically cut according to the customer's injection quantity requirements, which is convenient for injection molding of inserts. Jinjue will provide tinning and other post-processing as well as packaging services for different requirements according to customer requirements.

Hardware mould

Hardware molds are used in industrial production to use various presses and special tools installed on the press to make metal materials into parts or products of the required shape through pressure. These special tools are collectively referred to as hardware molds.

   The various tools and products used in our daily production and life, ranging from the base of the machine tool and the body shell, to a small screw, button and the shell of various household appliances, are all closely related to the mold. The shape of the mold determines the appearance of these products, and the processing quality and precision of the mold also determines the quality of these products. Because of the different materials, appearance, specifications and uses of various products, molds are divided into non-plastic molds such as casting molds, forging molds, die-casting molds, and stamping molds, as well as plastic molds.

New energy stamping parts

Energy is an important material basis for the survival and development of human society. Especially in today's world, the development of human society is accelerating. Whether in industry, agriculture, tertiary industry, service industry, high-tech industry, it is unprecedented in human history. The fastest stage of development. The development of society has improved the living standards of human beings and greatly strengthened social productivity. At the same time, the demand for and use of energy has also been greatly increased. Therefore, the development of new energy is an urgent matter.

To meet the power demand in multiple scenarios, outdoor power supplies create more possibilities for self-driving camping. It has to be admitted that outdoor power supplies have become a must-have item under the trend of light luxury camping. Jinjue focuses on the production of stamping parts for new energy outdoor mobile power supplies, and provides corresponding technical support according to customer needs.

Technical Support

Jinjue has its own mold room and more than 10 years of mold design and manufacturing team, breaking through the technical difficulties in the stamping industry, and can mass produce in-mold automatic riveting and automatic in-mold tapping technology. The monthly average development mold capacity is more than 20 sets, the mold development cycle is fast, the prototype prototype is about 12 days, and the formal mass production mold is about 20 days to complete the initial sample delivery.

Jinjue has high-precision hardware processing equipment, regularly performs hardware mold maintenance, and establishes a corresponding risk inventory of parts to ensure the stability of delivery of various precision electronic stamping parts.

The electronic precision stamping die manufactured by Jinjue, the punch is mainly made of tungsten steel or ASP23 and processed by PG and EDM; the blade material is made of ASP23 or DC53 slow-moving wire; the upper and lower templates and stripping plates are made of DC53 and Do ultra-cryogenic treatment (-190 degrees); the guide pin and guide sleeve mainly use Misumi's standard parts and so on. Therefore, the machining tolerance of Jinjue's mold can reach +/-0.007mm, the thickness of the production material can reach 0.04-3.00mm, and the minimum punching size can reach 0.08mm.

Quality Assurance

In order to ensure the quality of products produced by Jinjue meet customer requirements, implement its commitment to customers, and gain customers' trust, Jinjue has established a quality management system in accordance with the requirements of the ISO9001:2015 standard, which stipulates the company's organizational structure, responsibilities and various systems.

Jinjue’s quality policy: Technology is the first, quality is the first, service is the glory, and improvement is the continuation

Jinjue’s overall quality goal: customer satisfaction ≥90%, customer return rate ≤200PPM

Jinjue strictly implements the requirements of the ISO9001:2015 standard and continues to implement 6S workshop environmental management. The seven methods of quality control and the standardization of each process are implemented in quality management to strictly control the quality of each production link and prevent the occurrence of various quality problems.

In addition to strict requirements for internal quality management, Jinjue will conduct surveys on the qualifications, quality control and service level of our suppliers in the supplier quality management and the quality management of outsourcing processing and post-processing to ensure that the supplier The quality, delivery time and qualified rate of service.

Jinjue will conduct a series of inspections on incoming materials, such as incoming material inspection, process inspection, shipment inspection, inventory re-inspection and so on. Ensure that the materials are the same from entering the factory, proofing to the final product leaving the factory, meeting customer requirements, and of high quality.

Jinjue is people-oriented, pays attention to the training and cultivation of employees, and regularly conducts various safety, skill and management training courses. A response mechanism has been established for the timeliness of handling customer complaints, handling team, defect confirmation, abnormal improvement and defect tracking, which will surely bring you and your team high-quality products and services. Jinjue looks forward to every cooperation and progress with you!


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